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AFP: Government Minister Mal Brough Under Investigation For Possible Breach Of ” Crimes Act”

Special minister of State: Mal Brough

Special minister of State: Mal Brough

The halo around Malcolm Turnbull and his “21st-century Government” has been tarnished even more and is beginning to slip as it is revealed that the senior government minister, Mal Brough, is still under investigation by the Australian Federal Police over his role in the Peter Slipper scandal.

Brough was appointed by the new prime minister as the “Special Minister of State” with the role designed to ensure Parliamentary integrity.

Channel 9 and its program 60 minutes has revealed that they have been asked by the Australian government to provide copies of the interview and no it’s relevant to the program.

Brough is being investigated by the AFP to establish if he is in breach of the crimes act by disclosing information by Commonwealth offices. If he finds that he is in breach the crime carries a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment.

Mr Brough asked a government staffer and another employee to retrieve the diary copies of Mr slipper because he believed that Mr slipper was corrupt.

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