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ACTU: The Prime Minister Must Reject The Productivity Commission’s Unfair Recommendations 

The ACTU is calling on the Prime Minister to reject Productivity Commission’s draft recommendations.

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver has said “If you wanted to write a list of what was needed to make Australia less prosperous, less fair, less progressive, then the Productivity Commission’s recommendations are it.”

The ACTU has said the recommendations would increase inequality, drive down wages, strip workers of many rights. The ACTU has said the recommendations must be rejected by Government.

The Abbott Government set up the Productivity Commission inquiry as a platform to attacks wages and conditions.

The Productivity Commission’s call to slow down minimum wage growth would increase inequality in Australia, driving down wages for all.
Productivity Commission’s has also proposed to limit remedies for unfair dismissal and impose further barriers to pursuing claims.
The Productivity Commission’s recommendations would shift the balance of power heavily in favour of employers.

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