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UNHCR: Loss Of Hope & Desperation Driving Syrian Refugees Into Europe

Aerial view of Zaatari refugee camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, July 2013
© UNHCR/I.Prickett

© UNHCR/I.Prickett

Since 2011, 429,000 asylum seekers applications from Syrians have been lodged with the UNHCR. In Syria’s neighbouring countries there about 4 million refugees in camps. However, a large number of these refugees are now making their way to Europe to seek asylum.

The UNHCR has identified that the loss of hope and the dismal living conditions of these refugees in the neighbouring countries is fuelling the human migration into you.

The loss of hope is one of the biggest motivators for the refugees to leave and seek asylum in Europe. Syria is now in its fifth year of the crisis and there’s no sign of the solution insight. Hope is dwindling for many refugees. This loss of hope is feeling a sense of despair and desperation.

In the neighbouring countries the refugees do not have proper shelter and are living on approximately $.45 a day, these two conditions coupled with the loss of hope of ever returning home is forcing the Syrian refugees to seek asylum in Europe.

Negative survival strategies such as child labour, dropping out of school , begging and prostitution have all been used by the refugees due to the dismal situation.

The director of the UNHCR bureau for Middle East and North Africa, Amin Awad, set recently at a press conference in Geneva “Syria is burning; towns are destroyed and that’s why people are on the move, that’s why we have an avalanche, a tsunami of people on the move towards Europe” The director also said that as long as there is no solution in Syria and the conditions don’t improve on the neighbouring countries the refugees will continue to move.

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