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King: The Coalition Can’t Be Trusted With The Health Of Australians

Catherine King, Labor Shadow Health minister, has said “The Federal Government has learnt nothing over the last two years” and the Turnbull government is continuing the war on doctors.
She highlighted that the review of the MBS is a ham fisted attempt.

Ms King said that the Federal Government cant be trusted on Medicare. The Shadow minister also said that when the Liberal party says it will review some thing it really means it will cut, in this case it is Medicare.

Under Labor Medicare and health spending has been put on sensible and sustainable funding, while the Coalition see health as a cash cow and passes the costs on to family. The government has created a massive black hole and as cut billions from health.

Ms King also highlighted that the Coalition can not be trusted with the health of Australians and tis review will see that patients will suffer. She also mentioned that there is no guarantee that any savings will be reinvested in health.

She said it is a worry that the Coalition wants Australia to have US-style health care system in Australia.

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