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Hospital Waiting Lists Highlights Stupidity Of Liberal-National Cuts To Health

Revelations this week have shown that 70 per cent of emergency department patients are waiting over eight hours to be moved into the main hospital highlights. Shadow Minister Catherine King said this shows “the absolute stupidity of the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s hospital cuts.”

The report into all 121 Australian emergency departments accredited by the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine shows a public hospital system that is at breaking point.

President of ACEM Dr Anthony Cross  has warned that bed blocking is putting patients’ lives at risk with recent research finding older patients who wait more than four hours to be transferred from emergency into the main hospital are 51 per cent more likely to die than patients who waited less than four hours.

Shadow Minister Catherine King has said the Government must immediately reinstate the National Emergency Access Target (NEAT) that tied reward payments for hospitals to targets for quality care.

States are now being forced to abandon these targets because of the funding crisis caused by the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s decision to tear up the partnership agreement and rip $57 billion out of public hospitals.

The AMA has already warned that state budgets will be in danger of being ‘overrun by public hospital cuts’.

State premiers have warned the cuts are unsustainable and simply amount to a massive cost shift onto patients, and the states

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