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MUA: Employment Minister Senator Cash “Already Has Form in Allowing Cheap Foreign Labour”

The Martine Union of Australia has highlighted the fact that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shown he wants to keep employment and industrial relations as an ideological battleground and he did this by appointing Western Australian Senator Michaelia Cash to Minister for Employment.

Senator Cash

Senator Cash

MUA has said that Senator Cash was well known to them for insisting on the use of cheap, foreign labour in the offshore oil and gas sector. The new Employment Minister also has a dark history as a former senior industrial relations lawyer at the union-busting legal firm, Freehills.

MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin has said “Senator Cash has shown a singular stubbornness and inflexibility on standing up for Australian jobs, rivaled only by her predecessor Eric Abetz. The new Minister appears to be anti-union and anti-Australian worker.”

Mr Crumlin also stated that many see Malcolm Turnbull as a left-leaning progressive with his historical stance on issues such as marriage equality, climate change and the republic.

“Not only has he walked away from those key issues in his bid to wrest leadership of his party but it doesn’t look like industrial relations will get any better either. ” stated Mr Crumlin

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