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Nationals Feel overlooked in Turnbull’s “cabinet for the future”

Not everyone is happy with the new look 21st century cabinet that Prime Minister Turnbull has presented to Australia. Some Nationals feel as though that they have been cheated and overlooked in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

The nationals are calling on the Prime Minister to consider appointing another national MP or senator into the cabinet. Speaking to the ABC earlier today David Gillespie, National Federal Member for Lyne, said that the Nationals should have gained an extra seat in the cabinet.

Mr Gillespie explained to the ABC that the convention between the Liberals and the Nationals in coalition is that the number of cabinet positions is based on a percentage basis. He further went on and said that since the Prime Minister has now expanded the cabinet from 19 to 21 the Nationals feel that they should have four positions within the government.

Prime Minister Turnbull is not very popular with the Nationals party. The Nationals do not like Mr Turnbull’s views on climate change and other divisive policies that the Nationals hold dear to.

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