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Editorial: The Liberals Didn’t Have The Guts To Take Abbott To An Election

IMG_3663-0Quite frankly, the current Prime Minister, Prime Minister Turnbull mark II, is nothing more and nothing less than a carbon copy of Prime Minister Abbott but with a nicer suit. This is a leadership change that says to the Australian people: nothing has changed at the top, it is still the same Coalition with the same policies.

Like all true Torries Malcolm Turnbull is for Malcolm Turnbull and he will sell his soul and will go against his own ideas so that he can remain in power.

They can take the photograph away and put up another photograph, but as Senator Cash once said “guess what? Unless you change the direction of your policy, unless you realise that you have made mistakes, the Australian people will judge you. When you go to the election.” And they will be punished at the next election, they may retain power but it will be a slim majority if the do.

If the swing of 6.9% in the Canning by election were to carry over into the next Federal election the coalition would lose between 15-20 seats,this is a strong possibility.

The Liberal National Coalition have taken out one of their own because they did not have the guts to take the former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, to the election. They did not have the guts to have him face the Australian people. This action of bringing down a Prime Minister shows how much they don’t have the guts. When Gillard toppled Rudd she made the comment, “ A good government had lost its way”, Turnball simply said that the Federal government was bad. Turnbull was right, government is bad and a change of leader or cabinet will not make it any better.

Why should the Australian people accept that their right to choose their Prime Minister has been usurped by faceless men of the Coalition, especially after they hit Labor over the head for doing so.Senator Cash

These words might sound familiar to Senator Cash, she said them about Labor. Senator Cash – Australians have a long memory and they will remember what you said and apply them to you and your colleagues.

1 Comment on Editorial: The Liberals Didn’t Have The Guts To Take Abbott To An Election

  1. Bill Keene Oberon NSW // February 13, 2016 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    Forget about the selfies Malcolm and listen to what the REAL AUSTRALIA is about. We need some real leadership for the country and it is not about pollies themselves. Tough decisions take guts if you are doing the job you were elected to do . It’s about Australia ,not you Malcolm!!! You have a real Aussie in Barnaby, and listen to what he has to say and get the country moving again. Remember Charity Begins at home and being Politically correct is only a new idea and is not what Australia was built on.

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