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Costello: Not Loyalty But Success Is Important In The Liberal Party

Speaking to the ABCs four Corners program former treasurer Peter Costello highlighted the fact that in the Liberal party success is rewarded and not loyalty.

The frank admission by the former Teasurer reminds people just how dubious the Liberal party really is and how in the Liberal party oneself comes before all others.

One of the people who personifies this attitude within the Liberal party is Julie Bishop, the deputy leader, Ms Bishop has been “the loyal” deputy to at least 3 Leaders of the liberal party all of whom have been rolled at the instigation of Ms Bishop of herself.

Sticking the knife further into the former Prime Minister’s back Mr Costello said that the removal of Tony Abbott was the right thing to do for the Liberal party.

The former Treasurer Peter Costello once tried to roll the former prime minister John Howard and when was it successful acted in a childish manner claiming that he had been promised by the former prime minister in a written note that he would be able to take over as prime minister at a certain date and time.

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