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Liberals suffer 6.9% swing to Labor In Canning

This weekend’s by-election in Canning saw an overall 6.9% swing towards the Labor Party while on the first preference count labour saw a 9.3% swing towards Labour candidate Matt Keogh. Before the by-election the conservative side held the seat on an 11.8% buffer.

This swing is a larger than an average swing for a safely held conservative seat. The Greens, Palmer United Party and the Liberal Democrats or suffered poorly in this by election. Not only did that have weak candidates but they couldn’t even gain any traction in the media.

Some political commentators are saying that if Abbott had remained Prime Minister the results would be even closer, it would appear that the change in leadership has helped the Conservatives to retain the seat.

Peter Kennedy, a political commentator, said that both parties have benefited from endorsing strong candidates in the by-election.

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