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Leaked Cabinet Document Shows Turnbull Not As Progressive As First Thought

This week saw the leak of a cabinet document marked ‘Protected: Sensitive: Cabinet’ and it has only taken two days for the Liberal Cabinet to start leaking again.The new leak shows that even though there is a new Prime Minister, it is still the same policies, the same chaos and the same division as before. Even more damaging for the newly minted Prime Minister, the leak shows that Mr Turnbull is not as progressive as people first thought.

The document highlights that a very small percentage of women were appointed by Malcolm Turnbull to Government boards. The document shows of 16 appointments to government boards, only one appointment was of a woman.

When the Prime Minister’s record was compared to Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison’s it saws & that the Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull, is the worst offender. Mr Dutton and Mr Morrison appointed 36 women to government boards.

It is also interesting to note that former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, had appointed more more women to government boards then the 40% target that had been set.

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