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ACTU: Change in leadership won’t change Liberals’ anti-worker agenda

The ACTU has reminded Australians that no matter who stands at the helm of the Governement, this is a Government that has let down Australian workers, families and communities through their relentless attacks on our standard of living.

“Malcolm Turnbull stood by Tony Abbott through a disastrous two years in Government, trying to separate himself now is completely disingenuous and amounts to a desperate bid to avoid the slippery downward slope they are on.” Said ACTU President Ged Kearney.

While Malcolm Turnbull stood side by side with Tony Abbott throughout the two years in which unemployment rose, thousands and thousands of Australian jobs were lost and the wages and conditions of some of the lowest paid Australians were targeted.

“A change in the Liberal leadership won’t change their anti-worker agenda.” Said Ms Kearney.

Australians are also reminded that Mr Turnbull supported the Liberals’ cuts to penalty rates, the minimum wage, rights at work and selling out of Australian jobs by pushing through trade agreements that don’t support local jobs.

While Mr Turnbull is attempting to separate himself from the Abbott Government’s litany of broken promises and failures it is nothing but spin.

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