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New Prime Minister,New Leader Of The Liberal Party But No New Direction

The Liberal Party may have new leader which means a new Prime Minister however it is in fact the same old message from the Liberal Party.

For the last two years, under the conservatives Australia has been going nowhere.

Unemployment has gone up, debt and deficit has gone up and the NBN’s doubled in cost since before the last election, which was under the direction of Malcolm Turnbull.

Addressing the Labor caucus today Opposition Leader Bill Shorten highlighted that Malcolm Turnbull pointed out that the problem is only in the style, not the substance.

“This country needs no more showmen, it actually just needs substance.” said Mr Shorten.

The reality is in order to gain the Liberal Party leadership and the Prime Ministership, Malcolm Turnbull has sold out all of the things which he always said were very important to him.

Mr Shorten highlighted “Australians understand that the thing about Malcolm is it’s always about Malcolm.”

“What we need in this country is a new direction not just a new salesman.”

Mr Shorten asked the question “How often in the Cabinet did Mr Turnbull and the loyal deputy, Julie Bishop, speak up and say, this is wrong?”

“They voted for all the same cuts. They have voted for all the same cuts.”

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