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The Liberal Party Is Imploding & In Turmoil

With the ongoing commentary around the leadership challenge it is becoming clear that the Liberal party of Australia is imploding and in turmoil. With one camp forming behind the prime minister, Tony Abbott, while another camp has formed behind Malcolm Turnbull, former Minister for Communications. Both groups have been highlighting the flaws of each other. No matter who wins the leadership still tonight, great damage has been done to the government and to the Liberal party.

Malcolm Turnbull’s group has been pointing the finger at Tony Abbott highlighting his lack of ability to manage the Australian economy and being a government of three words slogans. While the Abbott camp has been pointing the finger at the Turnbull camp by claiming that Malcolm Turnbull is egotistical and only serves himself. One of the most damaging episodes in this leadership challenge is the fact that the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, is not supporting the Prime Minister and has said that she will not serve as his deputy.

Bishop is a crucial element within any leadership challenge and the liberal party, due to the fact that she controls a swag of votes and influence over the members of parliament coming from Western Australia.

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