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CPSU: Politicising Border Force Work Makes Them Targets & Is Unacceptable

The CPSU said they were contacted by Border Force members yesterday who raised concerns their safety would have been compromised by the publicity surrounding the farcical Operation Fortitude yesterday.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said the union had been contacted by Border Force members who were deeply concerned about the way their work has been politicised raising safety concerns about the public reaction.

This high-profile approach has come as a major shock for Border Force staff who are frequently instructed not to wear their uniforms in public due to safety concerns.

While Border Force staff (formerly Immigration) have been involved in these types of operations before, they have never been publicised in this way. Members were deeply concerned at the suggestion they would be stopping all people on the street, which is not how their work has been done in the past.

“Border Force staff do important work stopping drug importation, targeting organised crime and terrorism. Making them a public target through this sort of hysteria is completely unacceptable.” Stated CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood.

“Their work is challenging under most circumstances but this adds another and unnecessary layer of difficulty to an already taxing task.” stated Ms Flood.

The CPSU said it is  calling on the Federal Government to stop cynically exploiting the work of the Australian Border Force for its own political ends and potentially putting officers at risk.

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