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Shorten: it is time for Abbot to stop living in the past on marriage equality, It’s none of our business who marries who

The opposition leader Bill shorten today has said that the Prime Minister has to stop living in the past when it comes to marriage equality. He also called on the Prime Minister to allow a free vote of Parliament. He said that if he can’t do this by the next election, Mr Shorten promises Australia that if Labor is elected, Within the first 100 days of government a bill will be presented to the Parliament for marriage equality and members will have a free vote.

The opposition leader said that it’s important for the Prime Minister to stop delaying the issue on marriage equality because there other issues in the nation that need to be dealt with.

“I just don’t get it at the end of the day why Mr Abbott is so hung up about who marries who, it really is none of our business.” Said Mr Shorten.

Mr shorten also said that he welcomed former Prime Minister Julia Gillard joining the ranks of about 70% of Australians who are saying enough is enough: The time to marriage equality is here.

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