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Shorten: Abbott Needs To Clear Up Confusion Over Australian Involvement In Airstrikes

Bill Shorten today has said that Tony Abbott and the Liberals need to clear up the issue over Australia’s involvement in air strikes in Syria. “We are getting conflicting reports from within the Government and also from the United States.” Stated the Opposition Leader. “I would rather there wasn’t this other issue about who said what, where. I would appreciate the Government helping clear that up publicly.”

There are conflicting reports over Australia’s involvement in airstrikes in Syria. Someone reports state that the Prime Minister himself lobbied the United States for Australia to be involved while the Prime Minister in the liberal party are saying that the president of the United States asked for a strays involvement.

Mr Shorten also stated that there is no issue that is more important than Australia’s national security. He also highlighted that Labor has worked hard to achieve bipartisanship with the Liberal Party in terms of maintaining Australia’s national security.

“I’ve been briefed in recent times about the proposition of extending ADF role into the air over Syria…we have requested further information and of course, the legal basis upon which an action could be contemplated. We take it very seriously.”

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