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North, South Korea Talks Stretch Late

Korea Korea


North and South Korean officials resumed marathon talks Sunday afternoon and continued deep into the night in an urgent bid to avert war on the peninsula.

Initial talks that began Saturday were adjourned 10 hours later in the early hours of Sunday.

Officials have not publicly commented on the discussions, and there is no word on whether the negotiations are making any progress, or how long they will continue.

However, as the talks started up again Sunday, South Korea reported unusual troop and submarine movement in the North.
​Pyongyang has moved 70 percent of its submarines away from their bases and the vessels are now undetectable, according to South Korea’s Defense Ministry. A ministry spokesman characterized the movement as “unprecedented.”

The North has also doubled its frontline artillery strength at the border with the South, according to South Korea.

“It seems that the North is pursuing dialogue on the one side and preparing for battle on another side,” a South Korean Defense Ministry official said.

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