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Russian deputy speaker wants a ban on Windows 10 being used on government computers

Russia - Kremlin

Russia Today is reporting the deputy speaker of the Russian Parliament is seeking a ban on the use of Windows 10 0S being used by Russian civil servants. The deputy speaker fears that the software maybe used to give access to classified and sensitive information and personal details of Russian officials.

The deputy speaker’s letter to the Prime Minister of Russia highlights that the service agreements that Windows 10 uses agreed to, allows Microsoft to access passwords and other information used to protect the data. The service agreement also mentions that Microsoft receives data on uses email contacts, their emails and location. Data collected by Microsoft is stored and processed in the United States and or another country for an indefinite period of time and can be transferred to United States government agencies.

Microsoft has said that the transfer of personal data can only happen with consent from the user and users are given access to a comprehensive suite of privacy settings.

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