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The Poorest Are Hit The Hardest By Abbott’s Budget Cuts

National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) shows, in a new analysis of the budget cuts, that low income suburbs will be hardest hit by Tony Abbott’s cuts to families. An example of this is households in Mount Druitt in Western Sydney will be the worst off, losing an average $1066 by 2018-19, when this is contrasted with households in Darlinghurst in Malcolm Turnbull’s blue ribbon Liberal seat of Wentworth will be $177.90 better off in 2018-19.

Importantly the NATSEM modelling takes into account any benefit families receive from the Government’s new child care package. NATSEM analysis indicates that one in four families in the child care system – over 270,000 families – will be worse off as a direct result of the Government’s child care changes.

Nine out of the 10 suburbs worst affected by the impact of the Abbott Government’s two budgets are in Labor-held seats. It is becoming clear that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are forcing families who can least afford it to do all the heavy lifting, this is class-warfare on their part.

The closer you look at the second Abbott-Hockey Budget, the worse it gets. Tony Abbott’s second budget has the same unfair cuts from the last budget and more. Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are ripping money from the pockets of the most vulnerable families across Australia.

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