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Qld Palaszczuk Government’s First Budget Passed Through Parliament

IMG_0338-0Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt welcomed the vote of confidence from Queensland’s MP’s, as the Palaszczuk Government’s first Budget passed through the Parliament this week.

The Treasurer said “It’s a responsible, measured Budget and I welcome the Parliament’s endorsement of our plan to deliver essential infrastructure and services in education and health,”

The Treasurer said he was proud to have handed down a budget that not only delivers a surplus across the forward estimates and reduces debt, it has been done without selling the state owned assets.

“Labor promised Queenslanders a better way to encourage economic growth without selling our assets or mass sackings and we have delivered that blueprint.” stated Mr Pitt.

“We’ve committed more than $1 billion to the Gold Coast and Logan, $1.1 billion in the Darling Downs, invested $484 million in Ipswich, spent nearly $1.5 billion in Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast, committed nearly $600 million to the Wide Bay, over $800 million to the outback, allocated $900 million in Fitzroy, $350 million to Mackay, invested $540 million to Townsville and more than $440 in the Far North. A commitment I can’t wait to get back home to sell in the tropics.”

“But I know we can do better and we can work harder for Queenslanders, especially in working to drive down unemployment and deliver more jobs and infrastructure,” Mr Pitt said.

The measured budget also includes:

  • 875 new teachers
  • Up to 1000 additional nurse graduates per year
  • 400 new Nurse Navigators
  • 266 Police
  • 75 new Paramedics

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