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ISIS Claims Saudi Arabia Suicide Blast

The Islamic State militant group has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a police checkpoint near Saudi Arabia’s capital.

Saudi officials say a 19-year-old man detonated the car bomb late Thursday after being stopped by security officials south of Riyadh.

The teenager, who was killed in the attack, had just slain his uncle, according to state television, which identified the uncle as a colonel in the Interior Ministry.

The two officers are in stable condition and an investigation has begun, according to Interior Ministry officials quoted by the Saudi Press Agency.

The bombing occurred near the high-security Ha’er prison that holds hundreds convicted of supporting or taking part in jihadist activity.

Social media announcement

An Islamic State-linked Twitter account later claimed what it referred to as a “double operation.”

“The Muslim prisoners in Ha’er and everywhere else should know that we won’t tire and we won’t rest until we end their detention, God willing,” the group said.

The self-styled Islamic State group controls large parts of Iraq and Syria and has been trying to expand its presence in Saudi Arabia.

The Sunni extremist group claimed two May suicide bombings that killed 25 people at Saudi Shi’ite mosques.

It has also carried out attacks in neighboring Kuwait and Yemen.

VOA Report

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