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Qld: There Is No Raiding On Public Servants’ Superannuation Fund

  Treasurer Curtis Pitt has ruled out ‘raiding’ public servants’ superannuation funds, amid opposition scaremongering. The LNP have been conducting a hypocritical campaign of fear by saying the government will raid public servants’ super funds to certain aspects of the budget.

“We made a commitment at the election to maintain a fully funded public sector superannuation scheme, unlike any other State or Territory in the nation, and that’s what we’ll deliver,” he said.

“No money is being taken out – nothing is being ‘raided’.

Mr Pitt said the Queensland Government’s defined benefit scheme is fully funded, and will remain fully funded.

“The LNP spent three years showing no regard for public servants and they’ve demonstrated that yet again with scaremongering about their super.” Stated the Queensland Treasure.

“There will be no change to the entitlements of defined benefit members in tomorrow’s State Budget.

“There will also be no changes to the accumulation fund, to which the majority of public servants belong.

“This is another malicious fear campaign from the LNP, who told Queensland’s hard-working public servants their jobs were safe, before sacking 24,000 of them.

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