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Qld Labor To Invest $180 million To Create Jobs

palaszczukThe Queensland Palaszczuk Government has said they will invest $180 million in the Advance Queensland program which the government said is a comprehensive suite of reforms that will create jobs now, and jobs for the future.

The Premier said Advance Queensland is at the core of her Government’s first Budget because it needs to be at the core of Queensland’s economic agenda.

“Advance Queensland will help make our state a place where industry, universities and government work together to take great ideas, turn them into investment-ready proposals, attract that investment, and create jobs,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

Ms Palaszczuk said her Government knows that they must look beyond their traditional strengths and help create the new industries that in turn will create new jobs.

“Thanks to previous Labor Governments, Queensland has a world-renowned research base.” Stated the Premier.

“But while we have many promising ideas, we need to ramp-up our capacity to turn those ideas into investment-ready business proposals.

“Advance Queensland will help us solve global challenges, seize opportunities in growing markets, fight for investment dollars, and create the jobs of the future.

“It could lead to a whole new approach to our education system, while also positioning the state as an attractive investment destination with a strong innovation and entrepreneurial culture.

“The rest of the world is looking towards innovation and research for the next wave of opportunities.

“I don’t want Queensland to merely be a part of the pack, I want us to lead it.”

Ms Palaszczuk said key elements of Advance Queensland included three major new partnerships, including a partnership between QUT and Johnson and Johnson, the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company, as well as a future schools review into coding and computer science in schools, and a major focus on commercialisation, encouraging a new wave of Queensland startups, and Labor’s Business Development Fund.

“Queensland can attract the world’s biggest companies to our shores, but we should also be trying to create major companies of our own.

“Innovation jobs flow through to the rest of the economy, be they rural jobs, transport jobs, construction jobs, or processing jobs.

“By making innovation and knowledge-based industries a key focus of this Government, we are intent of delivering a new era of opportunity for Queenslanders.”

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