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Abbott Is Kneecapping Australia’s Renewable Energy Industry

The acting Greens leader, Scott Ludlam, said The Australian government is trying to knock over the wind energy sector in Australia. The acting Greens leader, Scott Ludlam, said “we have a word class wind energy and solar resources”. Mr Ludlam also mentioned that Abbott has sabotaged the industry and doing his best to destroy it. “We have a start up industry….that is being knee-capped”. Mr Ludlam highlighted that renewable energy is a global industry with many components being produced in various countries and then imported to Australia.

The attack on the industry by the Prime Minister is affecting foreign investment in Australia.

He also had critique for the Environment Minister,Greg Hunt, who he described as ineffective as a minister.

Australian Greens Deputy Leader Larissa Waters says Tony Abbott is proving himself an economic and environmental vandal with his escalating war on wind.

“Tony Abbott is systematically destroying every successful clean energy policy Australia has,” said Senator Waters.

“He’s made us the only country in the world to get rid of a price on pollution and the only country in the world to actually lower a renewable energy target.

“He’s cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, and now he’s putting ridiculous new limits on the hugely successful Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

“Tony Abbott has tried twice to completely shut down the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, but the Senate has said no both times – setting up a double dissolution trigger.

“The PM’s clearly not keen to go to an election on his climate credentials, and now he’s just digging himself in deeper.

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