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Victorian Labor Government: Liberals & Greens, Don’t Stand In The Way

The Victorian Labor Government has stepped up pressure on the Liberals and Greens to support its plan to remove Victoria’s most dangerous and congested level crossings.

Acting Premier James Merlino today visited Blackburn Road level crossing to launch a new community campaign to see these congested death traps removed.

The boomgates at Blackburn Road are down for 54 minutes between 7:00am and 9:00am – nearly half the morning peak.

Blackburn Road level crossing will be one of the first to go under the Andrews Labor Government’s plan to remove 50 of Victoria’s worst level crossings over the next eight years.

The campaign, called Don’t stand in the way, allows anyone who is passionate about reducing road congestion, running more trains or saving Victorian lives, to send a message to Victorian Liberal and Greens Members of Parliament to support the Labor Government’s plan to get rid of these dangerous, deadly level crossings.

Last month, Coalition and Greens MPs teamed up in Parliament to oppose the removal of these crossings.

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