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Debt Highest Level Under Abbott Then It Has Ever Been #auspol

Debt under the Abbott government is at its highest level it’s ever been levels are now at $285.8 billion. 
Every year the Abbott Government has been in power the national debt has risen. The Abbott Government is spending about the same amount as Labor did during the GFC when they put jobs first by stimulating our economy to avoid going into recession. 
The Abbott Government isn’t stimulating the economy to fight the GFC, they’re just trying to save their own jobs. They’re spending 25.9% of GDP, and during the height of the GFC it was 26%.
The Abbott Government have doubled the deficit since last year’s budget. The deficit went from $17.1 billion last year to $35.1 billion this year. The Prime Minister,Tony Abbott , previously called a deficit of 1/3 of their current deficit ‘a debt and deficit disaster.’

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