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Treasury Papers Reveal Abbott Government’s Hypocrisy Over Superannuation Tax Concessions

The Treasury’s has revealsed the Abbott Government’s hypocrisy over superannuation tax concessions by confirming it was considering reforms. The information was obtained by means of a Freedom of Information request.

The FOI documents from the Treasury reveals that the Expenditure Review Committee – chaired by Prime Minister Tony Abbott – was actively considering changes to superannuation tax concessions. The documents show that the Treasurer received Treasury advice on superannuation tax reforms on four occasions, with the last being on 22 April 2015.

Shadow Treasure,Chris Bowen, said in a statement “The Prime Minister just can’t be trusted on superannuation, saying one thing publicly, but preparing to do another privately.”

Labor’s FOI request sought copies of any submissions from the Treasury to the Treasurer in relation to varying superannuation tax concessions in the lead-up to the 2015 Budget.

The response from Treasury revealed that that the Treasurer received four documents from Treasury and that:

“All documents in scope are deliberative in nature containing preliminary examination of possible policy options prepared early in the 2015-16 Budget process for potential consideration by a committee of Cabinet.”

Mr Bowen said “Labor is calling for these documents to be released because it goes to the credibility of the Abbott Government’s claims that it has no intention to make changes to Australia’s system of superannuation tax concessions.”

“If the Abbott Government truly has nothing to hide on plans to super tax concessions then there should be no problems releasing these documents.”

“The Abbott Government continues to lie and claim it hasn’t made any adverse changes to our superannuation arrangements, but the decisions to freeze the Super Guarantee at 9.5 per cent and abolish the only tax concessions on super for low income earners (the LISC) will cost working Australians over $900 billion over the next forty years.”

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