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Senator Di Natale: Abbott Government Threatening Doctors And Nurses Is Unethical 

Senator Richard Di Natale has said that doctors,nurses and teachers are Heroes who work with the most vulnerable members of our society, refugees and the Government threatening them with secrecy laws is shameful and unethical.
The Greens leader said that they should defy the government and if they do they will have an army of lawyers and politicians will be there for them. When talking about asylum seekers the Greens leader said no government has responded with such callousness as the Abbott government. He said that Australia has adopted an approach like no one else has and is using it to stand there in the community and score political points.
On the issue of terrorism and threats to Australia the Senator said no one denies terrorism is a threat but the government is using it to serve its own political interests. With regards to the citizenship laws he said the government is going down the wrong path trying to drive a wedge between the Labor Party and the Coalition He also stated that the government is pitting Australian against Australian and driving a wedge doesn’t make people safer.

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