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Tony Abbott – Nigel No Friends On Climate Change

It would appear that over the past few days tony Abbott has became a Nigel no friends with regards to climate a recent announcement from the Australian climate change coalition, which includes a variety of interest groups ranging from environmental groups, through to the Aluminium Council and everyone in between.

This new coalition on climate change shows there’s only one person in Australia who doesn’t seem to be part of the real action on climate change, and that’s the Prime Minister.

One of the members of the new coalition to fight climate change, Jennifer Westacott who is the Business Council of Australia chief executive said: “There is now overwhelming common ground on the need for a more certain and meaningful approach to emissions reduction”.

“Mr Abbott’s living in the past on climate change, the rest of the world’s moving to act on climate change.” said Opposition Leader, Mr Shorten, he also said Labor supports real action on climate change.

Mr Shorten continued with “Australians don’t want to pass on to the next generation lower standards in terms of pollution and climate than what we inherited from our parents.”

It is becoming obvious that the Prime Minister has to stop living in the past and join with millions of other Australians and the climate change coalition.

The Labor Party Leader said “What we need is real action to make sure that our country has a sustainable climate and energy system, not just burying our head in the sand and pretending it is not a real issue.”

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