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Shorten: Political Donations Laws Need To Be Looked At After Mafia Connections

Bill Shorten stated earlier today the revelations of the mafia trying to infiltrate and influence decisions is a concern for all people and Labor supports greater transparency for political parties.

The Leader of Opposition said “I believe the time is again where the political parties of Australia need to look at how we can further improve transparency.”

Mr Shorten said the Liberals have questions to answer. “what we all know is that we need to learn lessons, we need to make sure that we have the most transparent form of funding.” commented Mr Shorten.

The Labor party has said it is up for reform of political donation laws. The Opposition leader once again called on Prime Minister Abbott and the Liberal Party to join with Labor to further improve confidence in our democratic system.

Senator Lee Rhiannon, Greens democracy spokesperson, has urged the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition to move quickly to clean up electoral funding laws following the reports linking major political fund raising with a campaign to allow a known mafia figure to stay in Australia.

Senator Rhiannon said “Prime Minister Tony Abbott and opposition leader Bill Shorten can’t expect this scandal to blow over. They need to recognise how discredited political fund raising activities are,”.

“The failure of our two senior political leaders to act on electoral funding reforms that would close the door on illegal activities like the mafia linked political donation scandal is a bad look for both Liberal and Labor.

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