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Ipswich’s Mayor, Mr Pisasale: Federal Government Needs To Bring Down Good Budgets Not Re-Election Budgets 

Paul Pisasale,Mayor of Ipswich Queensland, has said that Federal Governments need to bring down budgets which are good for Australians and not budgets just to get reelected.

Speaking at the launch of the city’s budget Mr Pisasale said he is sick an tired of Federal Government’s not focusing on what Australians need and always looking to the next election. He also said that the government is neglecting taxes and not using them for what is good for Australia.

The mayor also stated that Ipswich is working hard at creating jobs and that over the last 12 months Ipswich’s unemployment rate has dropped from 9% to 7%.

Mr Pisasale also outlined his vision for the city, that the city would be a growth city and a young city with families.

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