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Greece: Banks And Stock Exchange To Close – Credit And Debt Card Use Restricted

As Athens continues to move towards defaulting on a € 1.6 billion payment due to the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday, the economic situation in Greece is getting worse by the hour.

The Greek government will be introducing capital controls and keeping the banks closed on Monday after international creditors refused to extend the country’s bailout. The government had been hoping that banks would open on Monday and be operating as “business as usual”, The stock exchange in Athens will also be closed and trading suspended.

Associated Press is reporting that drivers are flooding gas stations across Greece as drivers are rushing to gas stations across the country as rumours concerning impending fuel shortages spread across the country.

Yesterday say a ran on ATMs around the country with more then €600 million being withdrawn from peoples bank accounts. New restrictions on withdrawal from ATMs have been imposed with only up to 60 euros ($66) per day being allowed,the use credit or debit cards have also being restricted.

The Greek Prime minster has called for claim and deposits in Greek banks are safe.

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