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Turnball Will Vote For Gay Marriage & Coalition Party Needs Free Vote

Communications Minister Turnball has come out and said that the Liberal -Coalition Party need to be allowed a free vote on same sex marriage and if it was given he would vote for same-sex marriage.

The Prime Minister has said before that marriage equality is a matter for the parliament and is still refusing to give the party room a free vote.

Bill Shorten has said marriage equality shouldn’t be a political issue and is again urging the Liberals to agree to a free vote on same-sex marriage.

“(Ireland) is a famously religious society and if they can vote for marriage equality, then why couldn’t we in Australia?” he said.

“But America is another society which is very influential on Australia, from its media, its culture, to its system of government in many ways, so now America too has moved on the path of marriage equality.”
With marriage equality achieved across the United States, America’s largest marriage equality advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, has launched a campaign to focus world attention on the lack of marriage equality in Australia.

The Human Rights Campaign has joined with Australian Marriage Equality to raise the profile of the Australian marriage equality campaign, informing its supporters that “all eyes are now on Australia”.

1 Comment on Turnball Will Vote For Gay Marriage & Coalition Party Needs Free Vote

  1. belindacrane // June 28, 2015 at 11:00 am // Reply

    I think this issue highlights the fact that our country doesn’t tend to come up with it’s own political initiatives when it comes to anything deemed controversial. They simmer in the background until they are not on display in the media. Grrrrrrr …. 😦

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