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Editorial: Let’s Celebrate Love – Let’s Celebrate Life – All Equally

gayrallypngLet’s celebrate love. The world today is full of hate, there are people out there who want to destroy they way we live – these people can be in government or terrorists. They love destruction of liberty as much as we love liberty .

The decision by the US supreme court has really lead the way to recognising equal love for all. Granted the US Supreme Court has no bearing on any other legal system in the world, it does lead the way in giving space to those who wish to recognise marriage equality. It sets a standard.

At the end of the day life is life, love is love and to enjoy life you need love and to enjoy love you need life. Whether you support marriage equality or not you have to agree the happiness, life and love of another person is just as important as your own.

Those who wish to rule us by fear, whether they be government or terrorist, believe in one thing – that is their own happiness and wishes are far more important then your own. A real progressive person is able to put their own desire, thoughts and wishes aside so that others who are denied their own have the opportunity to express and live theirs.

Let’s celebrate the fundamental quality of human existence – love.

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