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Abbott Government Record: One Of Terrible Wages Growth & High Unemployment, Lack Of Trust

Unemployment Up, Wages Down & Trust Low

The Abbott government’s record is one of terrible wages growth which is slower than it has been in 17 years,very high unemployment is also part of the shameful record of the Abbott government.

Unemployment in Australia is sitting at 6.3 per cent which is higher than under the global financial crisis. The last time unemployment was this high was when the current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was the employment minister in the Howard government.

Trust is now becoming a serious issue for the Abbott government. The Australian people no longer believe that the government is going to deliver on the things that they said they were going to deliver on. From education to health, pensions and the car industry, not a single promise they made has been kept. The ramifications are starting to make their way into local economies.

We have seen an attack on Medicare, that cornerstone of Australian society. We have seen desperate attempts to introduce a GP tax. We have seen cuts to the pension. We have seen an attack on education to confine the future of our young people, at early years through the broken promises of Gonski and with $100,000 degrees.

In one of the most shameful acts, the Government politicsied national security to make themselves look strong. A move that Labor sought to condemn but was thwarted by the Government.

Driven by the blind ideology of the Prime Minister, Australia is becoming less equal. Driven by the agenda of the Abbott government, Australia is becoming a less equal society.

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