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Editorial: Making Threats & Attacking The ABC Is Un-Democratic & Un-Australian

The ABC is an integral part of Australian civil society and democracy. It needs to be protected from people like Abbott. The constant attack on the broadcaster by the conservative government and the government’s friends in the Murdoch press is unacceptable, dangerous for our democracy and Un-Australian. Mr Scott last night clearly stated that the ABC is on Australia’s side.
To say that the ABC is a traitor to Australia is down right despicable. In our democratic society it’s important that the government is held to account and the ABC does this. In our system of government, we have public servants who have the responsibility of speaking truth to power. To do that they need to be free from fear of retribution. The same principle applies to the ABC, it too speaks truth to power and should be free from retribution. This how a free and fair democracy works. This is how the commonwealth was envisioned by the founding mothers and fathers of Australia.

It is also important for other voices, marginal voices be heard and the ABC does this as well. The ABC also is the custodian of Australian arts and culture. In essence, to attack the ABC is the same as attacking Australia itself. To attack the ABC for giving voice to people who disagree with the government is wrong and down right immoral.

Mark Scott got it right last night “A state broadcaster is the communications arm of the Government. Its role is to communicate the messages of the Government—and certainly not to do anything that undermines the Government.”

Yes, taxpayers pay for the ABC and so they should but taxpayers need to remember we are paying to keep a government to account and to keep us informed. Even if we disagree with it from time to time. We need them to do their job and to do it well. Funding from the taxpayers frees the corporation from being beholden to money making ventures.

If people want the government’s message and state broadcasting they can go to Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine. Both of them are more than happy to spew nonsense and poison from the government.

The question really should be asked, “Prime Minister, who’s side are you on? The side that wants truth told to power, or the side that wants to hide truth spin lies?” — Well we all know the answer to this question.

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