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The Abbott Government and Education Minister Can’t Be Trusted On Public Funding

The Minister of Education this week said the Abbott Governent will not cut funding to public education. The reality of the situation is the Government and the minister can not be trusted on this matter what they have said at other public forums contradicts this weeks statement.
Speaking at a Christian schools Forum dinner the minister verballed the Prime Minister and said “ we have a particular responsibility for non-government schools that we don’t have for government schools.

 At the same dinner the Education Minister said that when it comes to trade training centres in state schools they will have their funding cut as part of their plan of cutting commonwealth funding to public education.

 When it comes to the chaplaincy program in government schools, that will continue to receive funding but funding for councillors and social workers will be cut . They will fall back to the state governments.

The question is how can the public trust them?

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