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Qld: L-Plate Drivers Set To Face Tougher And More Practical Driving Tests

L-plate drivers in Queensland are set to face tougher driving test. The state government is taking action to curb the incidences of young drivers being killed on the States roads.

Under the states new Q-Safe practical driving test it is going to be harder for L-plate drivers to get their license. Drivers are going to be tested on their ability to maintain safe following distances and how they respond to potentially dangerous situations on the road. The changes come after successful trials at number of locations in Queensland, The Q-safe practical driving test for learner drivers will be rolled out across Queensland at the end of June.

The Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety, Mark Bailey, said “it’s all about safety. Too many young drivers are being killed on our roads and we’re  taking action to help ensure the next generation of motorists have the skills needed to handle dangerous situations.”

The Minister highlighted that in the past L-Plate drivers were assessed on their ability to perfect a reverse parallel park while this new test will  focus on the serious traffic hazards that L plate drivers and P-Platers face every time they get behind the wheel and less on parking manouvers.

In Queensland speeding is responsible for one in five road fatalities. Minister Bailey said”It’s totally unacceptable and more must be done to turn the statistics around.”


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