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The Truth Is Abbott & The Liberal-National Coalition Are Destroying Australia

As each day goes by with Tony Abbott and “The Out Of Touch & Out To Lunch” Liberal-National Coalition forming the government of this country, Australia is suffering. Families suffer, doctors, teachers and nurses suffer.

Abbott is doing damage to this country and the longer he is Prime Minister the more likely the damage is irreparable. Abbott and Co. are set on destroying as much as they can. Australia has never seen such a destructive government then this one.

Abbott has hurt about 80 000 people or 46% of parents in Australia by denying them access to the paid parental leave scheme and then has the audacity to label them “rorters”. Abbott and his Government has removed childcare benefits from parents who cannot work or study, some of these parents are utterly marginalised from either work or study, they don’t have the ability or opportunity to work. It is these people and their children who may need the most support from the government.

He has failed to act on allegations of physical and sexual abuse of asylum seekers on Nauru despite knowing about it for over a year, an issue where he needs to show leadership. This is effecting real people! People with names, hopes and dreams. His inactions are destroying others. A man who claims to be a christian, who claims to have studied the bible has gags doctors, teachers and nurses from speaking out about conditions in detention centres with new laws imposing jail for speaking publicly. Abbott has also dismissed the inquiry into the treatment of children in immigration detention as a “political stitch up” and attacks Gillian Triggs the President of the Human Rights Commission.

The justice system in some parts of Australia has been undermined by Abbott as well. He undermined the Victorian court system by commenting on the bail decision of a Victorian magistrate. He said “It does seem a very, very questionable bit of judicial judgment – injudicious judgment by the judiciary. That’s how it seems to me.” The judiciary is separate from the executive so as to preserve the Independence of the justice system, to prevent innocent people being victims of a political agenda.

The poorest and most marginalised of our society have also been harmed by Abbott and his cronies, he has defunded peak organisations who advocate for the poor and oppressed including Homelessness Australia, Financial Counselling Australia and National Shelter. Financial Counselling Australia has lost its entire $260,000 a year federal funding and had missed out on a request for $920,000 in new grants. The Alcohol and Drug Council, the Refugee Council of Australia, the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition and the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples have also suffered at the hands of Abbott with these organisations being defunded.

The Prime Minister has also damaged Australia’s image around the world. He used the G20 in Brisbane to comment on domestic political issues such as the fact people don’t like his $7 GP fee and blamed voters who love free government programs for supporting wasteful spending rather than international political issues such as climate change and global warming. He also ignored the indigenous heritage of Australia when he  described Australia as “nothing but bush” prior to the arrival of the First Fleet when addressing a breakfast for British Prime Minister, David Cameron.


1 Comment on The Truth Is Abbott & The Liberal-National Coalition Are Destroying Australia

  1. gary withyman // June 17, 2015 at 3:37 pm // Reply

    This idiot is doing more damage to Australia day by day. I wouldn’t give a politician a job outside of Canberra.

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