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Canberra: protest in support of asylum seekers at Parliament house

Protests  in support of asylum seekers have been taking place inside Parliament house within the marble hall.

More than 40 people took place in the peaceful sitting. They sat in a circle and had a sign which said real “Australians say welcome.”

There was a couple there with a baby showing their support for asylum seekers as well. The peaceful protest was broken up by parliament’s security, they then escorted the people outside while they were singing as their went.

40 Church Leaders including a Bishop were removed by Security after holding a peaceful Sit-In. Those removed include a Catholic Bishop, Nuns and Clergy from a range of denominations (Catholic, Pentecostal, Anglican, Baptist, Uniting and Salvation Army), and lay people from across the Australian Christian community.

Protesters were wearing shirts that had on them “kids don’t belong in detention”.


source:twitter @KJBar

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