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Saudi Arabia: Secular & Religious authorities break up gay parties and arrest attendees

IMG_0835Authorities in Saudi Arabia have raided and broken up to”gay parties” in the city of Jeddah. According to local reports several men have been arrested in two raids conducted at dawn.

According to the local the rates were conducted in the parties simultaneously on Saturday in the Harzat area of Jeddah. The Harzat area is known as a place by locals for its recreational facilities.

So as to make sure that all those who attended where arrested, even if they were able to escape, the authorities took down the numbers of license plates are the cars parked near the parties before the simultaneous raids were conducted.

The local authorities reported that the raids led to the rest of several people, Mostly gay people, and netted locally produced alcoholic drinks and marijuana. They also said that those who are arrested were referred to a police station while those who escaped from the raids will be summoned since their identities are known from the numberplates.

Engaging in homosexual acts and drug taking in the country can lead to the harshest penalty imposed by the courts-The death penalty.

While authorities arrested these mean Israel was celebrating its 16th Tel Aviv gay Pride parade well over 180,000 people attended.

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