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Israel: IDF Introduces Family Friendly Provisions For Same-Sex Couples With Children


The Israeli Defence Force recently published an up to date and progressive policy that makes certain that same-sex couples won’t have to simultaneously report for reserve duty.

Speaking to the IDF for their blog site,says Maj. (res.) Etai Pinkas, “This new regulation means that in case of a national emergency – I know that my daughters won’t be left at home without a parent, As a father, this is very reasuring.”

Previously, direct commanders individually determined the need for postponing reserve duty for same-sex couples. However, following the new policy, same-sex couples with children can now officially claim this right, previously they didn’t have this right and this left their children in limbo when both parents were called up..

“Since I became a father to our twins Gal and Noa five years ago, my commanders have been considerate and understanding with regard to my reserve service,” explains Yoav to the IDF on their blog site. “That being said, it’s good to know that from now on it’s official policy. Same-sex parents will no longer be left dependent on their commanders’ judgment.”

The IDF is one of the most open and tolerant armies in the world for same sex-couples and homosexuals. There are not many cases of  homophobia or harassment against gays in the army and where soldiers complain about sexual harrassment regarding their sexual orientation, and the offenders are punished.

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