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Australia is letting itself down when it comes to renewable energies -Australia could lead the world!

Australia is letting itself down when it comes to renewable energy. Australia should be leading the world in innovation, science, and what is good and right. The reality is Australia has become reactionary, Conservative and inward looking happy to be going backwards. What is good is as bad and what is bad is seen as correct.

There has been a time in Australia’s history where it was a leader in science, where it was forward thinking, Helping the deaf hear, Wi-Fi, Aviation safety and organ transplants. Listening to the rhetoric that is coming from the governments and the people in the government those days are gone, for the time being at least.

Australia is on the brink of being able to show the world what can happen when renewable energy is used on a massive industrial scale. Australia has an abundance of sunlight, winds and waves. All renewable sources that can be harnessed to produce our power needs. They can also be developed and exported and round the world! Other countries around the world are taking this opportunity that Australia is letting go by.



While Tony Abbott and his friends in the government wish to cut back on Australia’s renewable energy targets Hawaii has became the first state in the USA to adopt a 100% renewable energy standard. The law has now said that 100% of the energy in hole Hawaii must be of renewable by 2045. Originally the States renewable energy goal called for 40% of clean energy by 2040. Currently Hawaii produces about 21% of its power from renewable energy.

In Europe we see Germany produces nearly 75% of the countries overall electricity demands from renewable energies. Germany is using wind and solar power in filling a huge portion of the country’s electricity demands. The amazing thing about this production of energy in Germany is that it is produced mostly by midday.


Across the border in Denmark is one of those countries which is leading the world in renewable energies. Denmark and in particular Danish Crown Prince have seen what the future is and have embraced it.

In Denmark renewable energy covered 22.9% of the total energy Energy consumption in 2012, and 41.7% of the Danish electricity consumption. Denmark did not face any power cuts or blackouts caused by this high share of the weather dependent fireable power source showing the high level of intelligent grid and load management in the country.

Denmark isn’t just helping itself with renewable energy is also investing a high amount in helping developing countries an increasing the focus on energy access for the poor with its official development assistance-One of the highest OD a contributions(any % of GDP) of any OECD country.

Israel, one of the smallest countries in the Middle East, has taken advantage of the fact that it to has an abundance of sunlight it Is able to provide for a majority of its citizens with solar power.

With the examples of Israel,Germany, Denmark and Hawaii imagine what we could do in this country if we were to harness the power of the sun and the power of the winds. It’s criminal that we aren’t doing this, The conservative Tory-right wing government talks about how they doesn’t want our children to carry the debts of this generation. The reality is that our children will be carrying the environmental debts of this generation.

Why are we letting the right wing commentators dictate the Thinking of Australians. The reality of the situation is because Jamie continues down this road there is no bright future for this nation. Australia will not be advancing”Fair”. If those who say that they love this country they would see that renewable energies will save this country and we will be able to stand tall amongst the community of nations and have pride in what we have done. The day that this country starts to take renewable energy as a serious alternative then we will advance Australia fair.

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