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Greens: “The PM must come clean on trafficking allegations”

  Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and The Australian Greens have stated that  the Government must come clean on whether payments were made to boat crews to turn asylum seekers back to Indonesia and whether Government officials have acted illegally. 

Greens spokesperson for Immigration Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said “These are very serious allegations and the Government must come clean. The public has a right to know if the Abbott Government has participated in people trafficking or not,” .
The Senator highlighted The Prime Minister has all but admitted that the Government is prepared to do anything out on the high seas, even it seems if that means breaking the law or participating in people trafficking. 

“The Government either condones this behaviour or it doesn’t. The fact that the Prime Minister and his minister can’t provide a straight answer speaks volumes.” Ms Hanson-Young commented. 

Greens spokesperson for Immigration Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said “Payments to individuals to turn a boat around and take asylum seekers to Indonesia may be highly illegal.”

The trafficking of people against their will is a serious crime. The Australian government must give a full and accurate account of what has occurred.

“Once again the governments cloak of secrecy in relation to its border protection operations throws into question what is really going on with its asylum seeker policies

“Indonesia has every right to be shocked by these claims and the government should order an immediate and transparent investigation into them to save its credibility 

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