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Obama Highlights The Contrast Between A Progressive Leader And A Reactionary One Like Abbott On The Issue Of Equality

While Tony Abbott and his right wing party are in disarray over showing leadership on Marriage Equality and other progressive issues, President Barack Obama has shown what true leadership does when presented with an opportunity to promote equality, respect and understanding for others.
The President of the United States has come out in support of Bruce Jenner who has recently undergone a sex change and débuted his true self to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair. On the surface this may appear to be a superficial act what the President has done is open the door to a national wide conversation on human rights and the importance of being true to yourself.

The President tweeted, “It takes courage to share your story, Your story matters in the fight for LGBT rights.” The President understands that there is no freedom until all equal and in this instance, there is no freedom until LGBT people feel free to express themselves for who the are, who they love and how to show that commitment to each other equally.

Even though the President was responding to a story and a person heavily involved and intertwined with in popular America culture he was however showing true leadership in promoting equality for all. Stripping away the sigma, the secrecy and bringing it out into the open. He was showing he is not afraid of others and their personal life.

The Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has unique place in Australian history to bring about and increase the citizens ,and futures citizens of the nation, equality. This is an easy win for him but he refuses to take. He remains stubborn and reactionary. While Abbott is trying to stifle support for equality and to an extent LGBT rights President Obama is encoring people to Share their story

On his webpage it says “Stories are the most powerful way to measure success in the fight for LGBT equality. Share why you’re proud to fight and what progress means to you.”

At this time in Australian civil society we can’t afford to have a reactionary leader, we need a progressive leader. One who isn’t afraid of debate or their own party. On the issue of Marriage Equality Abbott needs to be the leader of the majority not the minority. The latest Essential Media Poll shows 59% agreed that people of the same sex should be allowed to marry and 30% think they should not. This represents little change since this question was previously asked in February.


Those who support marriage equality nationally and by gender

 Support for same sex marriage is 54% among men and 64% among women. 69% of under 35’s support same sex marriage – while those aged 65+ are split 43% in favour/43% against.

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