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Essential Media Poll – 2PP Vote: ALP 52% LNP 48% & 50% Think Budget Is About Improving Government Image

Voting IntentionThis weeks Essential Media Poll has the 2 Party preferred vote for the ALP at 52% and the LNP 48%. This is no change from the previous week but it is a a negative -5.5% swing away from the LNP and a 5.5% swing towards Labor since the last election.

Responds to the poll were also asked if the approved or disapproved of the way the Right-Wing Liberal-National Coalition government was handling the Federal budget. Only one third (34%) of respondents approve of the way the he Right-Wing Liberal-National Coalition government is handling the federal budget – a small bump of up 4% compared to last year’s budget.

The results of the from the poll also showed that those on higher incomes such as  more than $1,600+ per week were more likely to approve (42% approve/28% disapprove). The poll also highlighted 40% think the economy is heading in the wrong direction under the Liberal-National Coalition Government compared to only 35% of respondents thinking that Australia’s economy is heading in the right direction.

The poll also showed the the government plan to buy votes from small business because of the budget is paying off, two thirds (66%) of respondents think the budget will be good for small businesses and  50% think the budget is “more about improving the Government’s popularity than improving the economy”  while 47 % think that the budget “favours businesses over workers.

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