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Palaszczuk: May Day To Return To May-The Queensland Government Will Be For All Queenslanders

Premier Palaszczuk - Labour Day Brisbane 2015 © RealMediaOne

Speaking to a packed house of thousands of supporters yesterday at the Queensland Labour Day rally and family fun day, the Queensland Premier, Anastacia Palaszczuk announced that Labour day will return to the month of May next year. The previous Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, moved Labor Day aka May Day to October. This was a symbolic attack on Queensland unions, their members and Queensland workers.

During her speech she congratulated the hard work of the Queensland union movement in getting rid of the previous Campbell Newman government. Was also highlighted that the federal government led by Tony Abbott needs to tread very carefully after the removal of the one term Newman government in Queensland.

The premier also highlighted that the government that she leads now in Queensland, Is a government for all the people of Queensland. She also highlighted that her government will listen to the people of Queensland and that the government will be a government of trust and decency.

She also said that her governments will be a government that is based on what the Labour Party stands for, equality and fairness for all.

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