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Abbott has demonstrated his unsuitability to be Prime Minister

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said “Tony Abbott has demonstrated that he’s unsuitable to be the Prime Minister of Australia.”

Abbott doesn’t have what it takes to take Australia forward in the future. Mr Shorten said “Look at the last week of the trifecta of horrors.” Referring to the Queensland Election, the Knighting of the Duke of Edinburgh and his diminishing ratings in the polls.

On the topic of the Queensland election the Opposition Leader said “We’ve got the remarkable set of circumstances where an elected Prime Minister of Australia can’t visit the third-largest state of Australia because he knows that it will cost his party votes..”

In reference to Abbott’s speech at the press club Mr Shorten said Tony Abbott didn’t talk about his policies and promises which are taking Australia in the wrong direction. Mr Shorten also pointed out that the Prime Minister’s policies are upsetting and outraging Australians.

It has been said that Tony Abbott has got the wrong policies for Australia in the 21st century. “He’s more focused on Buckingham Palace than Beijing. Labor thinks that Tony Abbott is politically inept but that’s not even our major objection to the Prime Minister.” Commented Mr Shorten.

Mr Shorten stressed that Abbott is unsuitable to run Australia because he hasn’t got the policies for the future and today when he had an opportunity to spell out to Australians that he’s in touch with what matters to them.

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