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The Qld 2015 Election Seals The Fate Of Abbott’s Terminal Prime Ministership

IMG_0294Queensland election makes Abbott’s prime ministership terminal

It is said that governments lose elections and opposition parties win elections. The election in Queensland was not just a win for the Labor party but judgement on the Queensland Newman LNP government with them losing and a judgement on the Tony Abbott federal LNP government.

Tony Abbott’s primeministership is now terminal, it is only days left until he is toppled, it will be either Bishop,Morrison or Turnball. Federal LNP members are now saying that they cannot continue the way that they are. Fuelling further leadership challenge speculation Jane Prentice last night on the ABC mentioned a number of times that things need to change. Federal coalition members have been on the phone today calling each other and talking about the party’s future and the survival of the government.

Campbell Newman and his LNP squandered the majority that they had in Queensland.The hubris of the Conservatives goes to show that they do not listen to people at all. The Conservatives can no longer live their life with the mantra of born to rule. The Conservatives now need to know that when they govern they need to govern for everybody not just themselves.

Newman and Abbott modelled themselves on the idea of strong government. Their idea of a strong government is a government that makes decisions without consultation and picks fights with minority groups that disagree with them. They think that if they come down heavy and hard on various groups including Australian workers in the middle class that they will win people over. They also think that if you cut deep and quickly the people will support you, but the people will see this as a strong and decisive government.

Source:WikicomonsJJJ Harrison CC BY-SA 3.0

Source:Wikicomons JJ Harrison CC BY-SA 3.0

A real strong government is a government that listens to its constituents and acts on what they need and offers real social progressive reform, A strong government is not afraid of its own people and does not keep information from them all lies to them. Constantly painting a negative scenario of the day and fear mongering is not governing. Constant fear mongering and negativity is nothing but a ploy to keep the people ignorant and shows complete disregard and disrespect towards the people.

It would appear that in Queensland the Conservatives haven’t really learned their lesson, they say they have but they continue to blame everybody else for the failure.

The people of the states of Victoria and Queensland have put Tony Abbott and his government on notice. Queensland is Tony Abbott’s second warning, Abbotts third and final warning will come when New South Wales has their election. If Abbott is to continue as Prime Minister it is a given that the Fedral liberal-national coalition government will be voted out of office in 2016.

Abbott needs to learn that Australians want a fair and consultative government. A government that listens to its people. Australians want a government that will take care of the most vulnerable, that will skill up the unemployed so that they can get a job. A government that takes healthcare seriously and that promotes education. Australians don’t want a government that thinks the quality of your health care depends on the type of credit card that you’ve got it should depend upon your Medicare card.

It might be time Tony Abbott gives his friend in Queensland a call and asks him if he has any spare boxes to the key to can start packing up his office and moving out.

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  1. It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in certain rooms.
    In the meantime, just make sure you’ve plenty of cold beer / wine in the fridge,,, you may be needing it.

    This cartoon may give a clue to forthcoming events . . . .


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